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Common questions we receive at the shop

Q: Do you ever have specials where you will tattoo for a flat fee for as long as I can take?

A: Under no circumstance will we ever promote or do any special for “all you can sit”. This is a ridiculous idea that often times struggling shops and artist do to get people in their chair. They may need to get some work under their belt or to make money off of uneducated consumers. We make art and have our customer’s best interest at heart as well as their health. Many artists and shops who perpetrate this type of business are using cheap supplies. Being in this industry for many years we have seen a variety of ways that this type of practice has ruined a piece and ended poorly.

20131130-093441Q: Does it really cost the shop that much to do a tattoo?

A: Here’s a break done of what a tattoo costs our shop: Supplies to do a tattoo: $50.00 plus $100.00 of tattooing with the artist for one hour = $150.00. When the artist goes to get paid the following items are taken into consideration: 50% of all tattoos go to pay for electric, supplies and to the shop. That leaves the artist with $75.00. In addition, the artist will need to factor in the cost of supplies such as paper towels and gloves. This leaves the net profit from the tattoo; $40.00. Not bad by normal work standards but keep in mind that unless we are tattooing we aren’t getting paid. We are not used car salesmen wheeling and dealing with a dickering sales pitch. We use the highest quality products and equipment. We take pride in our consistent and high quality art that we produce in a safe and positive environment.

Q: Can I get a quote over the phone?

A: We do not and will never give a price for a tattoo over the phone. We will never give a quote without seeing how big, what colors and what type of detail you are looking to have inked on your body. Please come into the shop to discuss all pricing or a rough estimate of what a particular piece may cost. We mention the term “rough estimate” as there is no solid way to tell if your tattoo price will be what was originally quoted. This is not a bait and switch practice, as there are many factors that go into the final result of your tattoo and many times, designs change, how many breaks you will need and how your skin holds up during the tattoo process will all reflect in your final price at the end of the tattoo session.

Q: Can I make my appointment over the phone?

A: Unless you are an established recurring customer you may not make an appointment over the phone. We apologize for the inconvenience, but too many times people have just not shown up for their appointment, as you can surmise this can cause a bit of distress for an artist who has scheduled a block of time to create a tattoo and are left with an empty chair for hours. if you are traveling a long distance or from out of the country please call or contact us as we make exceptions for our foreign clients and would be happy to accommodate you and your needs.

Q: Can I get a quote over email or the internet/social media?

A: We can we can give you a very rough estimate as to what you can expect. Please note that we seldom have time in our day to check social media or email so it is always best to come into the shop to discuss ideas and schedule appointments.

Q: Calling the shop and asking: Is my tattoo infected?

A: We can not tell if you are having an issue healing with your tattoo unless we can visually inspect it. If you are experiencing any concern, please come into the shop so we may assist. Please note that it is very rare that a tattoo gets infected. Many times, it is the person’s skin reacting to the ointment that they are applying. That is why it is imperative that use follow the aftercare instructions.

Tattoo Artist Dan Kline !

Tattoo Artist Dan Kline !


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