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Fees - Kline Family Ink

Please review our fee schedule and appointment policy.

  • Just a chat: FREE! We do not charge a fee to come in and talk to us about your next tattoo. Stop in and let’s talk.
  • Consultation: We provide our customers with a consultation appointment to visually work with you on your tattoo design. We understand this is helpful in the process, especially if you are planning a large piece or require a special design and need one of our experienced artist assist you in your visualization. This fee includes a sit down with one of our artists, one on one, for up to one hour in the shop. At this time a rough draft of the tattoo will be completed if applicable. We ask that you refrain from outside distractions during this time. No talking/texting on cell phones. No friends or family and please leave children at home. We request a $50-$100 NON REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of this session.

Please Note: All sketches and drafts are property of Kline Family Ink. You may not leave or take pictures of the design.

  • slider3Tattoo Appointment: All slotted tattoo appointment times require you to make a nonrefundable deposit on your slotted time with your artist. You will be charged for any cancelled appointment without proper and timely notice. The fee to make an appointment is $50.00 to $100.00 dollars depending on how large of a slot you plan to schedule. This deposit is non-refundable, No exceptions.
  • Tattooing Fees: Minimum fee: $60.00 (30 minute or less tattoos)
  • Hourly rates:

$100.00 an hour for basic tattooing

$150.00 an hour for large tattoo work requiring numerous tattoo machines.

$200.00 for large scale color work, black and grey, color portrait, black and white portraits.

Summary of fees:
 $50.00 dollars NON REFUNDABLE deposit on drawings
 $50.00 to $100.00 dollars NON REFUNDABLE deposit to set and appointment
 $100.00 to $200.00 dollars an hour depending on work to be done 



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