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There are numerous style and techniques of tattooing.

  1. “Dotwork” or “Stiple” tattooing. It is a very intricate style of tattooing where the design is fully made up of dots and lines. It is usually always done in black and grey or in black and red. It is a very soft and subtle but very dramatic appearance.
  2. Black and grey portrait work is a style of tattooing using different shades of black to get a realistic photo feel on the skin. The example below is from an intensive 3 hours tattoo session followed by a touch up.
  3. 185841_168854449834120_4162901_nColor portraits is a technique like black and grey tattooing but using vivid color and overlapping multiple layers to get the desired effect. These types of portraits often require more than one sitting.
  4. Traditional tattooing is a term used for an era of using a specific color palette. The designs are often intricate to produce but look simple in craftsmanship. A poorly done tattoo can be easily spotted.
  5. Black work tattooing or tribal tattooing is one of the oldest and truest forms of tattooing design. This style uses shapes and patterns from one or more cultural backgrounds.
  6. New traditionalist or neo traditional is traditional tattooing with a modern twist. Keeping with the shading of the time and including large color palettes and stylized portrait details. These tattoos are visually dynamic.
  7. Watercolor tattooing is a relatively new style of very subtle tones of color being used much like black and grey tattooing to get a desired effect.

These are just a few of the many styles of tattooing I’ve learned and mastered over the years throughout my many travels.

Remember, it is one thing for an artist to say he specializes in one form of style but an artist who masters all techniques of their trade is a well-rounded and diverse artist.

If you are looking for a certain style or interested in something not presented on our site, hit us up! We have a large library of designs and reference material that we have collected throughout the years. We will be more than happy to help you pick the best tattoo. Don’t hold back! Remember “Fortune favors the bold”. A tattoo is on you for life; why not make it a journey.


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